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375 Bernard Avenue
Kelowna, BC, V1Y 6N6


The music business is changing every day and Music City Studio opened in Kelowna with a different approach to the industry. We offer affordable recording, rehearsal and audio engineering training services in a relaxed and professional environment. We connect you with the tools and the people needed to make your projects and goals come to life.

In our four years in business, we’ve worked with hundreds of musicians, bands, songwriters and voice actors on a wide range of projects. We work closely with the talent and spend the time needed to make sure their artistic visions come to life. Contact us today and set up a meeting to discuss your next project or schedule a tour to learn more about our audio engineering programs. We also offer gift certificates and monthly deals, so make sure to ask about those or head over to our store.

Recording Studio

Music City Studio offers affordable recording rates and packages for bands, musicians, vocalist and singer/songwriters. We'll guide you through the process and produce a recording that represents you.

Our recording studio was designed to make you feel at home and our engineer/producer has the skills and experience needed to create a professional recording. 

Recording Studio

Music City Studio is well-equipped with the gear that you need to create the sounds you are looking for. Here’s what we offer:

Recording Studio Rates and Packages

Each project is different, so we like to meet with the artists in person to come up with a plan that suits their individual needs goals and budget. We’ve put together package rates that are designed to give you the luxury of time while saving you money.

Flat Rate with an Engineer and Studio Time: $75/hour

This flat rate applies to smaller projects and is ideal for solo musicians, recording singles, ADR for film, mixing and audio restoration.

Single Recording - For Vocalists & Singer-Songwriters

Record one song for just $75. This package is for vocalists or singer songwriters. This is a great way to get into the studio inexpensively and a must for budding talent.

Vocalists are asked to bring in a backing track or karaoke track to accompany them.

Singer Songwriters are able to bring in one instrument as their accompaniment. 

Single Recording - for vocalists or singer songwriters
from 75.00
Number of Songs:
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6 Song Demo Package: $500

The 6 song demo package is a live off the floor recording that also includes mixing and mastering. You’ll get a fully completed project without any additional costs. This package is perfect for bands that are looking for a cost effective way to get their sound out into the world. Live recordings are also ideal when approaching venues for gigs or applying for festivals and grants. A good recording is a must for your press kit.

What’s included? An evening of recording with an Engineer from Music City Studio, use of studio gear, editing, mixing, mastering and one master copy of your recording. If needed, additional time can also be set up for overdubs.

6 Song Demo Package
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Weekend Recording Package: $950*

  • Studio Time & Engineer Included

  • 3 days of recording Friday-Sunday

  • This package is for recording only and does not include mixing or mastering

EP Recording Package (4 Songs): $2500*

  •  Initial Meeting

  • 2 Hours of Pre-Production

  • 3 Days of Recording

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

This package is for bands that want to record a high quality EP, but do not need any production input.

EP Recording and Production Package (4-6 Songs): $3000*

  •  Initial Meeting

  • 4 Hours of Pre-Production

  • 4 Days of Recording and Production

  • Mixing and Post Production

  • Mastering

This package is for bands that want a high quality EP, and also want to enhance their songs with production input and ideas from a Producer. Extra time will be spent in pre-production to ensure that a well laid path is set and all areas of the project are covered. We’ll also spend an extra day in the recording studio to make sure the EP reaches it’s full potential.

Album Recording Package (8 Songs): $5000*

  • Initial Meeting

  • 3 Hours of Pre-Production

  • 4 days of Recording

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

This package is for bands that want to record a high quality album, but do not need any production input.

Album Recording and Production Package (8-10 Songs): $7000*

  • Initial Meeting

  • 6 Hours of Pre-Production

  • 6 Days of Recording and Production

  • Mixing and Post Production

  • Mastering

This package includes everything you could possibly need. We’ll spend a full 6 hours in pre-production looking at the songs in detail and laying out a clear plan for recording. We’ll devote a full 6 days to recording and production, which allows bands to relax and make the most of their time in the studio.


  • EP Mastering: $55 per song

  • Album Mastering: $45 per song

 *All Recording Packages require a deposit and payment plans are available. Additional costs such as GST and session players are not included.

Recording Studio Equipment

We're firm believers that it's not about the gear, it's how you use what have. Our focus is on creating a relaxed environment, choosing the right microphone and capturing a great performance.  All you need to do is show up, and we'll take care of the rest.