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375 Bernard Avenue
Kelowna, BC, V1Y 6N6


The music business is changing every day and Music City Studio opened in Kelowna with a different approach to the industry. We offer affordable recording, rehearsal and audio engineering training services in a relaxed and professional environment. We connect you with the tools and the people needed to make your projects and goals come to life.

In our four years in business, we’ve worked with hundreds of musicians, bands, songwriters and voice actors on a wide range of projects. We work closely with the talent and spend the time needed to make sure their artistic visions come to life. Contact us today and set up a meeting to discuss your next project or schedule a tour to learn more about our audio engineering programs. We also offer gift certificates and monthly deals, so make sure to ask about those or head over to our store.


Please have a listen to some of our recent recording projects. Please support local artists whenever you can. Your contribution goes a long way for emerging bands, musicians and singer/songwriters. 

Albums, EP's Singles and Live Recordings. 

Taylor Van Zyl - Don't Take My Word For It (2017) Mixed and Mastered at Music City Studio

Tiger Moon - Cariboo & Whiskey  - Official Release Date: June 09 2017 - Pre Order NOW

My Kind of Karma - Beautiful Little Fools (2016)

Floyd Meets Brown - Funk You  (2017)

My Kind of Karma - Sweet, Wild Life (2013)

Tiger Moon - Whiskey Down (2015)

Tiger Moon - Mama Nature's Finest (2015)

Tiger Moon - Tiger Moon EP (2013)

Waking Calliope  - Live EP (2016)

Ginger and Rose - Full Moon Sessions (2014)

Gorden James - Near You EP (2014)

Lefty - Lefty EP (2014)

Haley Blais - Lonely Songs for Dog Lovers


Jodi Doidge - Sarah

Emet - See You There

Jeff Piattelli - Better Than One

Jackson Cook - I Hurt the Girl

Live off the Floor Recordings

Brent Tyler - Cool Water

Devon Coyote - Sedona

The Crooked Fronts - (Fall Down) Below Me

Floyd Meets Brown - Earth to Orbit

The Bonsais - Paper Cups

Emet - Never Giving Up

Devon Coyote - Little Hero

The Keys - Feelin' Alright [Cover]


The Paddler Movie - Voice Over Recording, Mixing and Audio Restoration


The Mad Mango Film - Voice Recording 

This interactive video series was done in collaboration with Limelight Studios and UBC Okanagan. To view all of the videos, follow this link: